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Faux Bow

Faux Bow® PRO | Recurve

Faux Bow® PRO | Recurve

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Faux Bow® PRO | Recurve is the ultimate ANYWHERE target destroyer, featuring state-of-the-art, high-performance materials and an everyday tactical design. With impact foam tip arrows for ultimate safety, this bow is perfect for anyone looking to improve their archery skills.

We want everyone to experience the joy and thrill of archery, which is why we say that almost anyone, anywhere who picks up a Faux Bow® Pro will become a Pro before they know it. Boys and girls in PE classes, dads flipping burgers at backyard BBQs, moms who are the cul-de-sac Katniss, and grandpas with a keen eye for the target - the Faux Bow Pro is perfect for everyone!

Our lawyers would recommend the Faux Bow® Pro for anyone 14 and up, but we believe that anyone can benefit from using it. And we're not just a toy - the Faux Bow® Pro is a powerful and highly accurate impact archery sporting good that delivers the ultimate archery experience.

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