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Faux Bow

Faux Bow® Blaster

Faux Bow® Blaster

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Looking for an epic foam blastin' archery experience-

That's safe, powerful, and tons of fun? Look no further than the Original Faux Bow® 4.0! We've taken archery to the next level with our innovative, nearly indestructible tubes that combine accuracy, durability, and lightweight power. The Original Faux Bow® 4.0 is perfect for backyard archery target practice, so you can hone your skills right at home. Whether you're shooting paper targets, turkey targets, or cans off the wall, the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 is up for the challenge.

But the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 isn't just about having a Blast-er (although we guarantee you will!). It's also an awesome way to develop real-world skills like hand-eye coordination, focus, adaptability, and confidence. Plus, with its emphasis on real-time physics and mathematics, the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 will give your brain a workout too!

And here's the best part: the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 is a nod to the original Nerf® Bow 'n' Arrow™, invented by Marky Sparky™ himself 30 years ago. If you played with the original bow, you're probably old enough to qualify for a senior discount (no offense!). But whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the world of archery, we know you'll love the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 and the new memories it will help you create.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and play like a kid again with the Original Faux Bow® 4.0 Lizardite™!

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